How many people have bought CS:GO? 

​Online and computer gaming enthusiasts would certainly be quite interested to know more about the topic which is being talked about in the next few lines. There are millions of games both online and each day it is possible that a few games could be hitting the online and offline market. Amongst the many thousands of games, CS:GO is one of the most popular games. Each and every game has its own uniqueness and USP. It basically is a multi-player first shooter video game. It is a highly popular and much sought after game developed by Hidden Path.

​Why millions of players have bought CS:GO?

There must a few solid and obvious reasons for the raging success of Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Without such compelling reasons, it would be almost impossible for the game to have notched up the kind of stunning numbers it has. The game was released around two decades back and since then it has sold around 25 million copies and this number is on the increase showing no signs of abating. It is perhaps on the top 5 selling lists of games. When a game is liked by such huge numbers, there certainly must be something special and unique about it. We will be looking at some of the main attributes which could have contributed to the success of this game.

Easy Acces​sibility

Ease of accessibility and affordability are perhaps two main reasons as to why CSGO has become so popular. Though it is officially priced at around $15, there are thousands of outlets where the game is available for $13 and there are frequent Steam sales for the game for half the prize. This compares quite well with many other contemporary games which could be selling at around $60.

Skin customization

It is a known fact that customization is an important area for any games. It also helps in improving the lifespan and longevity of the games. Without customization it will not be long before the game becomes stagnant and boring. This could impact its lifespan quite significantly. The game allows the players to make changes to their in game options. However, these skin customizations do not affect gameplay they only give a visual boost. Players often gamble with these skins and it became a billion dollar market.

eSports tournaments

Competitive gaming in an online environment is fast catching up and could redefine the way in which games are played online going forward. This is where CSGO might have stolen a march over many other games. They allow dozens of players to play against one another and this is akin to having online transfers and negotiations like premier league and other such games.

Nostalgia and Longevity

There is one more reason for the growing popularity of CS:GO and it could be referred to as longevity and nostalgia. There is a big history behind this game and there have been quite a few changes to it over the past many years. Hence there are many old versions of the game which you could refer back to in case you want to track the progress of this game.

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