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You Can Block Unwanted Calls Easily

TrueCall is a device that plugs into your landline telephone and intercepts nuisance calls and calls from telemarketing agencies.

The device remembers two lists of numbers: one list of approved callers, such as friends and families, and one of nuisance or telemarketing callers, which can be added as calls are received.

If the TrueCall device doesn’t recognise the number from either list, it will ask the caller to give their name before letting the homeowner know that there is an incoming call. The device will then tell the homeowner the caller’s name, and the homeowner can decide whether to take the call, have the caller leave a full message, or have TrueCall notify the caller that the homeowner does not wish to speak with them.

How to register your DECT cordless phone

27 February 2012
How to register your DECT cordless phone

The first stage to registering your phone is to familiarize yourself with the buttons and menu options on both the handset and main base. No matter what manufacturer your handset is, the buttons and menu options are very similar and so you the buttons may be slightly different to what i explain but not by much.

How does it actually work? Well in a nutshell it works by putting both your main base, and your handset into registration mode. This means that the base unit is looking for a handset giving of this signal, and the handset is looking for a base giving of a signal and as you have probably guessed they find each other!

Before you do this you must first locate the 'Find' or 'Page' button on your base unit. This is why i said you have to first familiarize with the buttons. This is the button you would press to locate a handset when you can't find it, Panasonic use a small circle with 3 semi circles, it looks a bit like a speaker. Now you need to look through the menu on your base and handset to find 'Register Handset' or similar option, this is what you need to register your handset.

Step 1. First you have to put the base unit into registration mode and to do this you simply have to hold down the 'find' button for up to 5 seconds. When the base goes into registration mode there will be either a continual beeping or a continual flashing from the base unit only, not any of the additional handsets.

Step 2. You then need to go on the registration settings on the handset you are trying to register and it should come up with a message such as 'searching...'.

Step 3. For this step your handset should be asking you for a pin code. Unless someone before you has changed it, 99.9% of DECT phones have a pin code of 0000. Enter 0000 and the press confirm.

Step 4. If you have performed the previous steps correctly and the registration has worked then you should get a beep, flash or message on the handset to tell you your efforts have been successful.

The best way to test if your registration has worked is to simply make an attempt at a phone call on the newly registered handset and if you get a dial tone then it has worked. 

I hope you have found this step by step guide helpful and you get the most out of your wireless DECT phone!

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